Job Placement

Job Placement
One of WNW Managements special services is helping properties find managers to fit there brand and culture.
WNW reviews with the client the job requirements, expectations, salary, culture, benefits, and any other special needs.
WNW does a search for the candidate with the right background and experience as a General Manager, F&B Director, Sales Manager or Department Heads.
We review the size of the property whether its limited service or full service to determine the right fit.
Once we identify candidates we will meet with them to conduct the first interviews and do a background check if they are being considered further.
Then we would send them to you the client to schedule the next interview and determine if you would like to offer them a position.
WNW will continue to monitor how the candidate is doing over the first 90 days of employment.
WNW will guarantee replacement of a candidate if for any reason the candidate leaves or is terminated in the first 120 days of employment.
We work to set up fees for placement that will fit your budget.
WNW can help also with training your General Manager if needed for an additional fee.